Watch Straight Guys Ask Gay Guys Sex Questions!

The always creatively groundbreaking Buzzfeed thought it be real cute to get some semi-fuckable straight guys to ask some swipe-left gay guys questions
about life as a human being gay guy because yaaassss mama!

The results could have been real fun had they not picked I’m-still-really-upset-HBO-canceled-Looking gays to answer the questions.

Had they bothered to ask this kween (& by this kween I mean me) these would have been my honest to Godney answers:

Heteros: How many buttholes have you seen? ummmm you know that’s a tough one, it really is because sometimes I don’t really know what I’m looking at. Like I think I’m suppose
to be looking at a bussy or as you like to call it a butthole but sometimes
it just doesn’t look correct. So around 486-ish, 352-ish if you minus the
WTF-is-that bussies (buttholes)

Heteros: Are there stereotypes that you identify with more than others? For sure. I would say I fall in the “mastering the perfect disinterested look – chastising bottoms that wear the exact outfits on the Zara/TopShop mannequins – believe Britney still slays, Lohan will have a comeback and Miley is this generations Freddy Mercury – claims to workout 5x week but only works out 1 1/2 days a week – total size queen” stereotype. Absolutely guuiiilllllttttyyyy!

Heteros: How are gay relationships different from straight relationships? straight relationships are Iggy Azalea & gay relationships are Nicki Minaj. Next question.

Heteros: How much porn did you watch that was
straight porn before you watched gay porn? Ewww gross gays watching gay porn is soooo 2000-whatever. I’m pretty sure gay porn’s only surving demo is straight girls from Kentucky. I only watch straight porn but I cover the girls vagina with my finger.

Heteros: Do gay guys worry about size as much as straight guys do? Did Kylie Jenner get lips injections? Did Titanic hit an iceberg? Was the Simple Life the greatest show on television from 2003 – 2007? *insert side-eye emoji*

Heteros: Butthole maintenance, how is it for you? Nair & Clorox disinfecting wipes.

Heteros: Would you rather a smaller-than-average dick or a
way-too-big-to-do-anything-with dick? If you’re not going to take these questions serious than I’m done. You know what, actually I am done. I’m not doing this anymore. This interview is over. What kind of person asks a gay person if dick can ever be too big? You disgust me – sick. 




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