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Mean While Last Night At Krave…

krave close



The notorious “We Can’t Stop” singer can now add “rapper” to her prestigious musical career!

Mz. Miley has once again teamed up with monster producer Mike Will Made It by being featured on his latest track called “23” which also features Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa!

So how did the little Cryus Poptart end up rapping on the track? Mike says that while he was working on “We Can’t Stop” with Miley he was also producing 23 and was looking for a girl to add to his track!

“And then I let her hear it, and she told me she liked it… She told my engineer, ‘Turn the mic on,’ and she went in the booth, then she laid down the verse, and she killed it. [So I] left her on there. She killed it, all swagged up” praised Mr. Will Made It.

Don’t believe Big Mike? Take a listen to the Rap Diva Miley for yourself:

And here’s an exclusive sneak peek of Mz. Miley “shooting” the 23 music video:

Oh Miley how we fall in love with you more and more! Yay Smilerz!