Our Open Letter to Miley

Dear Miley,

We used to think you were just a pretty cool chick with a unique style who has really good producers, but after your VMA performance we are absolutely and indefinitely OBSESSED with you and forever a SMILER!

When you took the stage at the VMA’s you did exactly what you were suppose to do which was entertain and ENTER-FUCKING-TAIN you did! You delivered a performance that was controversial, scandalous, outrageous, jaw-dropping, pushed the boundaries, made people uncomfortable and more importantly it was UNFORGETTABLE! All of those things are exactly what many other iconic performers have done in the past when they graced the stage of the VMA’s and now you are one of them! People will try to compare you to person A, B and C but at the end of the day they can’t because you did your very own DAMN THANG! It wasn’t the VMA’s it was THE MUTHA-FUCKIN MILEY SHOW! Just like the lyrics to your song – You Owned The Night!

It is very clear to us that you are a girl who is wise well beyond her years and you probably don’t need any advice on how to deal with the backlash because well this was all your creation. People may not understand what you did on that stage now because it was a bit ahead of its time but that was the point. All we have left to say is congratulations and thank you my little ratchet princess!


Mister Scandal


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